Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs

Are your drivers operating vehicles efficiently?

CTS’s easy-to-use vehicle tracking software will give you both insight into your fleet’s driving performance and the ability to send instant automated alerts to correct any potential misconduct while on the job.

Eliminate Speeding

Excessive speeding and braking is dangerous driving behavior and additionally wastes fuel. Our CTS GPS tracking software will allow you to analyze inappropriate driving habits and send automated real time alerts to correct these behaviors. Improved fleet performance not only creates a safer work environment, but often lowers insurance rates.

Reduce Engine Idling Time

An idling engine is getting zero mpg and can waste up to gallon of fuel an hour. With our CTS GPS tracking software, you’ll be able to reduce your fleet’s overall idling time and maximize performance while out on the road.

Eliminate Unauthorized Usage

Many companies allow their employees to take their vehicles home on nights and weekends. CTS GPS tracking solutions let you monitor and eliminate any unauthorized company vehicle usage.

Optimized Routes

When your drivers are taking the most efficient route possible, you are saving money on fuel. Our CTS GPS tracking system will allow you to analyze and optimize routes leading to lower fuel costs and less vehicle maintenance.

Automated Alerts

You don’t have time to sit and watch a screen and monitor your fleet every hour of everyday. By setting up automated alerts, your company policies will be enforced should your drivers not be in compliance, giving you the time to run your business.

User Friendly

All CTS GPS tracking systems can be tracked in his or her language preference.