GPS Tracking for Recreational Vehicles/Small Equipment


Here are a few reasons why our Motorcycle, Boat, Recreation and Equipment owning customers use CTS’s GPS tracking software:

Know where all your equipment is, and how it is being used. CTS covers your yard or your city, and its low-cost transponders allow you to track everything.  But GPS-based equipment management goes beyond simply mapping and tracking assets. It is about delivering constructive, real-time location information about your workforce. Information that you can use to increase profit and improve productivity. CTS Action Asset GPS tracking solution improves operations by:

1. Quickly locating specific vehicles
2. Track valuable assets (generators, mixers, trailers,…)
3. Using secure encryption, tracking only your assets.
4. Identify idle items.
5. Alarm operator on speed , idle, and location violations.
6. Enforcing work-zones.
7. Reduce theft.
8. Alarm when unauthorized movements occur.
9. Report on inventory status.