GPS Tracking Reporting Dashboard

Over 30 management reports and multiple variations built around user-defined metrics give you unparalleled insight into driver behavior. With the click of a mouse, you can identify excessive idling, wasted fuel, unauthorized vehicle use, wasted time at job sites, and unwarranted overtime. Mileage can even be broken down by province/state to assist with DOT reporting. Our GPS Tracking reports provide fleet owners with a powerful tool to increase billing and reduce costs.

  • Travel Detail
  • Driver Summary
  • Alert History
  • Travel / Stop Chart
  • Service Reminders
  • Distance By¬†Province / State
  • Landmark History
  • Unauthorized Usage
  • Unscheduled Stops
  • Full Year History
Driving Behavior
  • Speeding Violations
  • Aggressive Driving Exception
  • Driver History
  • Begin Late / End Early Exception
  • Unauthorized Usage
  • Distance Detail
  • Speeding Alerts
  • Transit / Stop Percent Detail
  • Idle Time Exception
  • Distance Chart