Driver Performance Automated Alerts

Proactively enhance your fleet’s activities.

You don’t have time to sit and monitor your fleet every hour of everyday. By setting up automated alerts, your company policies will be enforced should your drivers not be in compliance, giving you the time to run your business.


Excessive speeding and braking is dangerous driving behavior and additionally wastes fuel. Our CTS GPS tracking software will allow you to analyze inappropriate driving habits and send automated real time alerts to correct these behaviors. Improved fleet performance not only creates a safer work environment, but often lowers insurance rates.


An idling engine is getting zero mpg and can waste up to a gallon of fuel an hour. With our CTS GPS tracking software, you’ll be able to reduce your fleet’s overall idling time and maximize performance while out on the road.


Setting up predetermined boundaries or landmarks with our CTS GPS tracking software gives you more relevant details regarding driver activity. This alert will help keep your fleet on task and within a more optimized route.


AAT (Action Asset Tracking) software allows you to proactively send a reminder to drivers when they have unexpected stops on a delivery route or running over time on a scheduled break.

Unauthorized Usage

Many companies allow their employees to take their vehicles home on nights and weekends. AAT (Action Asset Tracking) GPS tracking solutions let you monitor and eliminate any unauthorized company vehicle usage.

Driver Performance Automated Alerts

Having real time locations provides the employee a sense of security and a peace of mind knowing their employer values their safety while working in harsh or remote areas should an emergency arise.