GPS Fleet Tracking for Teen Drivers


CTS‘s Action Asset Tracking  tracking platform can help parents give their teens both freedom and protection. Parents can set up alerts for speed, perimeter breach and even hours of operation, and have these alerts sent automatically via text message or email.

Caring Parents and Teenagers:

Do you know where your teenager is taking the car when they leave the house?
Are you sure that your teenager has developed safe driving habits?
Do you need a way to lower your insurance costs for your teenage driver?


Parents who want to keep a constant eye on their teenage driver can install a GPS teen tracking device within the vehicle that their teenager uses without their knowledge. Such a solution also requires software that can pinpoint where a teenager has been based on historical data.


Tracking a teenage driver with CTS‘s Action Asset Tracking gives parents an affordable, useful solution. Parents can set up custom triggers for speed, perimeter breach and even operation at an unauthorized time. All these alerts can be sent to parents automatically via text message or email. This makes it easier to make sure that teens are driving safely and responsibly.


Teen drivers need instruction, attention and discipline. A GPS device such as the examples below used for teen tracking could easily give parents a useful solution to be sure that there are developing safe driving habits. Detailed reports from CTS‘s Action Asset Tracking report suit can alert parents to bad patterns and habits. A detailed history of all locations is stored so that parents can make sure that teenagers are not abusing their car privileges and going where they are supposed to go.

GPS Tracking Sensors

-Door open and closed
-Panic button