Our software is powerful and easy-to-use

We are focused on our customers and the long-term success of their businesses. It is with that focus that we have designed our software to provide the most usable and user-friendly platform available on the market today. Below are just a few features of our Action Asset GPS Fleet Management System:

5 Second Updates

Every second counts when you need precision and detail to make informed decisions. Our 5 second real time updates and easy-to-use software is the industry’s best solution for managing an efficient fleet of vehicles.

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Mobile Apps

With real time insight provided by Action Asset Tracking Mobile, managers can quickly view the current status of every vehicle in their fleet. You can instantly see every stop made for the day and alerts triggered by customized company rules, allowing you to make dynamic decisions with real time data. (Available on both Android & iOS devices)

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Automated Alerts

You don’t have time to sit in front of a computer to monitor your fleet every hour of everyday. Using ShadowTracker® Live’s unlimited alerts sent directly to your mobile device or email, you will know the location of driver activity. Your company policies will automatically be enforced should your drivers not be in compliance, giving you more time to run your business.

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Over 45 management reports with multiple variations using user-defined metrics give you unparalleled insight into driver behavior. These reports provide fleet owners with a powerful tool to increase billing and reduce costs. With scheduled reporting, you can have the reports you need waiting in your email inbox when you arrive at the start of the day.

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With GeoFencing you can create areas and assign particular vehicles to a specified GeoArea. Using Alerts or Reports, you know precisely when your vehicles enter and exit the GeoArea and view where there is vehicle overlap which in turn allows you to adjust your fleet to be more efficient.

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Electronic Logging Device

The ability to assign individual drivers to a particular vehicle is an effective reporting tool that allows you manage your fleet when multiple drivers have access to shared vehicles.

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Historical Fleet Data

On demand access to the past year of historical data gives you the proper back up in the event that you need to document long term driving behavior, review billing, or protect yourself against unwarranted litigation. You’ll be able to gain historical data dating back to the first day you implement our Action Asset Tracking Fleet Management Software.

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Maintenance Scheduling

Timely maintenance of your vehicles is an easy way to keep your fleet operating costs under control. With our Action Asset GPS Tracking Software, you’ll be able to record and schedule the maintenance of your vehicles. Reminder notifications are automated; so you’ll never miss another oil change, tire change, or inspection.

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